Placement Test 7-11 years old

20 Question

20 Minutes

This English Online Test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions with 3 types of questions :

  1. Listening,
  2. Structure, and
  3. Reading. 


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Before starting the test, please prepare your device with the speakers that work properly and headphones for the listening section. You have 20 minutes to finish this test and once it’s done, you will receive the result about your English level.


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Listen to the audio and choose the correct picture below

You can play the recording ONE time.

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You can play the recording ONE time.

How old is the speaker's mom?

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You Can Play The Recording ONE Time

See my arm? I can ….

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Listen to the audio and choose the correctly spelled name
You Can Play The Recording ONE Time


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Listen to the audio and complete the sentence below
You Can Play The Recording ONE Time

Benjamin doesn’t want to leave the …

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It is a ......

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There is ........... cat.

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She has ........... hair.

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You ….. to the radio.

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He is ...... a book right now.

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This bread is .....

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She….a good voice.

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Arrange into a correct word: O-O-R-S-E-T-R

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We use our ears to..

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Mrs. Lily is a teacher. She works in a?

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This is Nelly. She’s a nurse. She’s tall and thin. She works at the hospital. She looks after sick people. She gets up at six o’clock in the morning. She takes a shower and puts on her clothes. Then she eats breakfast and drives her car to the hospital. Nelly starts work at eight o’clock. She cleans the rooms in the hospital. Then, she helps the doctors. She goes home at five o’clock. At home, she takes a shower and she cooks dinner. Then, she watches TV and goes to bed.

What is she?

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Hello! My name is Ken.

I like to go to the beach in summer. I swim in the sea and make ……. . I look for shells and throw a ball at the beach. I drink lemonade and eat ice cream. I like my summer holidays!

What is the correct word to fill the blank?

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Hi, my name is Floren. I live in Bali. I study at Dandelion Elementary School. I am in grade two now. I am eight years old. I have two brothers. My first brother’s name is Daniel. He is eleven years old. He is in grade six. My second brother's name is Hendry. He is ten years old. He is in grade five. I love my brothers.

What grade is Floren?

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Steffy’s Story

Steffy is 8. She likes spending her time in the library. Her parents give her many novels and comics. Steffy also loves to do role playing as the character in the books she reads. She joins the theater club in her school and does a mini performance as Snow White on the elementary school graduation.

What does Steffy perform in the elementary school graduation?

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Sam’s Pets

Sam has two cats. His first cat is named Cica and the second cat is named Caca. Cica has a black and white colors, while Caca has yellow and white colors. Sam gives Cica and Caca fresh food and water twice a day. He also gives them pet vitamins. He regularly brings Cica and Caca to the animal vetcare to check their health. Sam loves his pets.

How many pets Sam has?